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The Mandarin City course was exactly tailored to my needs and produced the results I was hoping for. The quality of instruction is extremly high and the staff ensures that the students are well cared for and leave satisfied. Highly recommend Mandarin City for all levels of Mandarin Study.


The Wellington College Chinese Experience

The Wellington College Chinese Experience

In addition to language lessons, Chinese culture and calligraphy lessons will also take 
place in the Learning Mandarin Center of Wellington College, offering students the quintessential
Chinese experience.It's not enough to just learn the language. It's about understanding the
 Chinese way of life. When you're in China, you will experience a variety of new things.
The Learning Mandarin Center was completed this year and took three months to build.
The tall pillars, red lanterns and rounded wooden bridge roll out before visitors' eyes. 
The center is not the only "Chinese experience" the college offers its students. 
The college also opened its first overseas campus last year .Eleven students from Britain
 are in Tianjin for an exchange program that allows them to experience the real China for at least 
a term, and they will be joined by six more students later on. With Victorian architecture
resembling its 150-year-old parent school, the Tianjin campus is currently home to 260 students.
Wellington College also plans to open two more schools in Shanghai too. Meanwhile, the trend of
learning Mandarin has swept across the Britain. FGS — French, German and Spanish, the traditional trinity
of school languages — is now being replaced by a new acronym, HAM — Hindi, Arabic and Mandarin
which are considered the business tools of the 21st century, according to a Daily Telegraph
 report this year.Within the past two years, 14 private schools have enrolled students for a new program
in Mandarin. By the end of June, 300 students from schools across Britain will have gained the
 Independent School Examination Board's certificate of achievement in the Mandarin.

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