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The Mandarin City course was exactly tailored to my needs and produced the results I was hoping for. The quality of instruction is extremly high and the staff ensures that the students are well cared for and leave satisfied. Highly recommend Mandarin City for all levels of Mandarin Study.


Chinese schools

Chinese Schools

Shanghai, the largest and most prosperous city in China, is the economic, financial, and 
cultural center of the country. Shanghai is an international and cosmopolitan metropolis.  
Shanghai is a modern and fast-paced city, rich in history and culture and with a wealth 
of areas and sites to explore. So there are a lot of foreigners come to Shanghai, they 
have big urgent requirements to learn Chinese, because there are more opportunities 
and challenges in Shanghai.Therefore, Shanghai has a lot of Chinese schools.Chinese 
Language School specializes in teaching mandarin Chinese as a second language. Chinese 
school has successfully taught students from all over the world in the past decades.
 Many students come to Chinese school via word of mouth referrals. Chinese school is well known for its professionalism, excellent teaching methods and exceptional customer service in China. Welcome to Chinese school, you will make great progress.


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