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The Mandarin City course was exactly tailored to my needs and produced the results I was hoping for. The quality of instruction is extremly high and the staff ensures that the students are well cared for and leave satisfied. Highly recommend Mandarin City for all levels of Mandarin Study.


Introducing Shanghai

Introducing Shanghai

China is an ancient country, with magnificent mountains and rivers,  colorful customs, exotic animals and plants and countless scenic
spots and historical sites. 
It's also a place with great music ,dance and world-renowned cuisine. The cultural center of China is Shanghai.
There are many delicious foods in the city such as
crab shell cake, begonia cake, and Nanxiang steamed buns. Shanghai is a paradise
for shopping with streets like Huaihai Road which is one of the most famous 
shopping streets in Shanghai. With a of history
of 110 years, Huaihai Road has become a symbol of Shanghai modern life. Here, you can see many well known 
brands and have
a meal in a exotic restaurant. The remnants of French architecture from Shanghai's past give the streets their cosmopolitan charm. Some say,
Nanjing Road is more attractive to foreigners while Shanghai locals prefer to spend their time in Huaihai Road. The New Shanghai 
Commercial Center is located in the Pudong district, Lujiazui financial and free trade zone. The center is composed of many high
 buildings and pedestrian streets. It was built by the Shanghai 
Construction Group, with a total investment of 8 billion yuan.
Shanghai has a large number of retail outlets offering everything from Chinese-made goods 
to international brands. Welcome to Shanghai.

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