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The Mandarin City course was exactly tailored to my needs and produced the results I was hoping for. The quality of instruction is extremly high and the staff ensures that the students are well cared for and leave satisfied. Highly recommend Mandarin City for all levels of Mandarin Study.


The First Step of Chinese Learning

The First Step of Chinese Learning

Learning Chinese is like learning two different languages: the written character form and the spoken 
form which now has written version using the English alphabet (pinyin). Learning (and remembering) 
Chinese characters will take considerably longer than learning spoken Chinese and its 
notation. For this reason, most students learning Chinese will focus on learning spoken version.
Below is some of the most frequently used daily expressions and sentences to help 
you start to learn your Chinese. We hope you will be successful in and enjoy communicating in Chinese. 

Pinyin is the notation used for writing Mandarin (standard Chinese) pronunciation. (Pronunciation 
is not evident from looking at Chinese characters.) It serves the same purpose as the international 
phonetic symbols used in dictionaries to show how English words are pronounced.
Pinyin is a very useful tool to learn for getting around China. Chinese people view their characters 
as the true Chinese written language, but pinyin can be seen on many maps, road signs, and other 
notices in shanghai.Pinyin is much easier to learn, use and remember than characters, particularly if tones are ignored. 
Pinyin can be thoroughly learned n a few hours, but a working knowledge of Chinese characters takes 
months, if not years of dedicated studying so Pinyin will most likely be your irst step when you learn Chinese.

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