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The Mandarin City course was exactly tailored to my needs and produced the results I was hoping for. The quality of instruction is extremly high and the staff ensures that the students are well cared for and leave satisfied. Highly recommend Mandarin City for all levels of Mandarin Study.


What It's Like to Learn Chinese

What It's Like to Learn Chinese

Learning Chinese can seem like a difficult language to learn because it is a complex and multi-faceted language, but one simple 
metric is to simply estimate the time it takes to master the requisite language-learning skills. When you consider all the
above-mentioned things 
a learner of Chinese has to acquire -- ability to use a dictionary, familiarity with two or three 
romanization methods, a grasp of principles involved in writing characters (both simplified and traditional) -- it adds up to a lot to learn
The average westerner could probably become reasonably fluent in two Romance languages in the time it would take them to reach the same level in Chinese.  
Someone once said that learning Chinese is "a five-year lesson in humility". I used 
to think this meant that at the end of five years you will have mastered Chinese and learned 
humility along the way. However, now having studied Chinese for over six years, I have 
concluded that actually the phrase means that after five years your Chinese will still be awful, but at least you will have learned humility.

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