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Learn Chinese in FengXian


Die Kurse von Mandarin City waren exakt auf meine Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten und haben genau das Resultat erzeugt, das ich wollte. Das Niveau ist sehr hoch und das Personal stellt sicher, dass die Schüler vorbereitet und zufrieden die Schule verlassen. Ich kann Mandarin City für alle Niveaus des Mandarins höchstens empfehlen.


Learn Chinese in FengXian

Address: No. 369, jinhuitang Rd, Haiwan Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai.

The Mandarin City Fenqxian District campus is located in the a villa residence  close to the beach.The villa is big ,beautiful and clean with fresh air from the sea. After a busy day at work, students can enjoy working on their Chinese skills while fishing in the river, having fun in the garden, and eating barbecue.  At the Fengxian District campus, Mandarin City classes are different because activities can be done on the grassland and students can use all of the Chinese that they have learned outside in groups.
All current Mandarin City students can join us for this two day one night experience,we will also go to the beach to have a party, eat seafood, drink and dance while listening to the sound of the sea. So what are you waiting for? Call and sign up today!

Our Building in Fengxian
Grassland under sunshine


Our Classroom and indoor arrangement


River and Balcony

There is a small river and open balcony behind our building, would you like to read, drink coffee or fishing beside it? If you like, you can also have a special Chinese class here with fresh air and lovely sunshine.


Other buildings beside


On the beach
You definitely will fall in love with the beauty of blue sky, barbecue and seafood on the beach.


If you are tired after the happy
hour on the beach, it’s a
wonderful choice to go to the
hotel to enjoy the most delicious
food for relaxing and rest.

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AdresseNo.40, Lane 56 Yandang Road (Nahe dem Fuxing Park), Luwan Bezirk, 200020 Shanghai, CHINA

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