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Although overseas Chinese schools in the form of "amateur education", but people
do not do simple school. For example, foregoing Ma Liping principals, early on in the
country engaged in education, later studying at East China Normal University, then
obtained a doctorate in education from Stanford University, both practical and
theoretical aspects capabilities. At present, China Chinese SchoolLvmin Wei is a
senior analyst at McKinsey & Company, specializes in management, public-spirited.
New York, the capital of Chinese schoolprincipals fee Guoping engaged in computer
programming and management of their own work, using professional advantage, so that
small schools have been fully implemented online registration and management. It is
precisely because of these "high end" organizers and managers, many Chinese schools 
operate are very specification: charter schools, and transparent financial system,
methodical teaching arrangements, detailed training and school teacher recruitment
publicity and promotion programs. To save costs, parents take turns doing "volunteer",
including photocopying materials, recess bell, cleaning the classroom and so on.
Organizations competent Chinese schools often also outside shoulder
of the teaching function.
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